Easy Steps To Getting Healthy 101

So you want to get healthy? Or are you just curious? Well, here are some really easy steps towards a healthier you.


Step 1. Being Open 

Be open-minded to new information, new food, etc. You have to give being "healthy" foods a chance. 

Step 2. Patience 

Be patience, know that it will take time. A complete transformation does not occur overnight. Start to look at what you are eating, start reading labels. I'll make a separate post about ingredients that are toxic or not so healthy. 

3. Sacrifice

You must be willing to sacrifice certain habits or vicious life cycles. Start to sacrifice eating in front of the television. Give up that sugary drink for a cup of water. Start considering shopping at different markets. Start to sacrifice using certain chemicals on your skin. 
Being healthy doesn't mean spending your entire paycheck. You'd be surprised how certain healthy foods are the same price as "junk food"or not so healthy meals. Start investing time toward your health by being a little more active. 

4. Change Your Mindset 

There is a correlation between how you think and how you feel. If you say its hopeless or useless, you are short changing yourself. Also, stop thinking or believing that "we are all going to die" so its pointless to do anything. Why speed up the process??? Or worst, what if you end up living a long life but in pain and very uncomfortable? Don't cut yourself short. You deserve to have a happy healthy life. 
The only limitations are the ones WE place in our lives, or the ones we allow to take a hold of our lives. 
You are the master of your destiny. 

5. Something is Better Than Nothing

If you make a start, congrats! Something is definitely better than nothing. You starting by cutting back or making minor changes is progress and kudos to you! Now let's step it up!!!

Get healthy, happy, and sexy!!! 

Happy Living!



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