It's That Time Of Year Again! DETOX 2012!!

Hello Beautiful People!

It is indeed that time of year again! Back in the Spring I, along with my husband and friend did a 7 day detox/ cleanse. Now it's time for our Fall Detox/ Cleanse!!!


It was modeled after the Alkaline Diet, which focuses on consuming raw vegetables and fruits and eliminating foods high in acidity. The goal of the alkaline diet is to bring your body's pH levels to neutral or slightly alkaline, (cancer cells thrive off of acidity!!!!).
This is not an all juice based cleanse, it focuses on eating foods that truly benefit your body and detoxify all the impurities, if done correctly.
The purpose is not to "diet" rather it is meant to feel uplifted and renewed.
Starving is NOT ALLOWED!
During this cleanse you shouldn't be starving yourself! You shouldn't feel like you're going to pass out!
If you are consuming consistently you will be fine!!

If you are interested in doing this detox with us you are more than welcome as we already have a team in place. You can always join my Facebook page for all the full details, with the plan breakdown, day by day!

Remember before you embark on any detox or cleanse to check with your health care provider if you have any pre-existing conditions!!!

Happy Living!!!


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