Monday, August 25, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Exit Plan & Goal Strategy

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

Lately I have been having conversations with so many people and I keep hearing the same thing," my goals seem so far", "I have so many obstacles", "the struggle is real", and the list goes on. My question is, what exactly are your goals? How detailed are you?

Make a list of short term goals (3-6 months)

Make a list of very specific long term goals  (5-10 years)

Make an exit plan -A plan to remove yourself from a current unpleasant situation. Map it out, from start to finish. Attention to detail is a must! Treat it like an emergency, because this is your life and time is ticking!

You need to be able to see these lists EVERYDAY! Review them, update them as needed. This is a very critical practice to help guide your work toward your goals.

Keep me posted on your progress!!

Happy Healthy Living!



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Monday, August 11, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Make Room For The New!

Happy Monday Beautiful People!


It is time to make some room for everything new that you want to come into your life. Mentally and physically prepare by acting as if what you want is already there. They say if you want a mate or a spouse, make room in your home for them even if you have not even met them yet! If you get into the mindset of your desired destination, you will find that you will gain more momentum to reach said achievement.

The preparation is a must. You must do what is required to attain what you desire. Some people think that positive thinking and wishing are enough to get what they want. Some people prefer to only pray for what they want. What they forget is that we have a special given power called intellect. This intellect will assist us to take the correct ACTION required from us.

Get your dreams and turn them into a tangible reality.

Happy healthy living!!



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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

0 Going Live Tonight!

Hello Beautiful People!

I am going to be a guest panelist on my sister's show, Live with Shirely! Tonight at 9pm EST 
Shirley is the author of the book, Bad Girl Gone Good

The topic this evening is: 

Finding Peace Within & Healthy Living 

TUNE IN!!!! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

0 Toxic Free Tuesday: All About The Ebola Virus

The Ebola virus disease is currently raging in West Africa. It is a very severe virus with a high fatality rate. The survival rate from the Ebola virus is 10%. It affects humans and non-human primates.

Currently, there are 1,603 cases and 887 deaths, two cases have been identified as American health care professionals. They were both brought back to the U.S. and are currently at Emory University Hospital, in Atlanta.

How Does This Virus Spread? 

 This virus is spread human to human. Ebola virus can be contracted through bodily fluids and secretions, i.e. blood, vomit, stool, urine, saliva, and semen. It can also be contracted through broken skin and mucus membranes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "Men who have recovered from the illness can still spread the virus to their partner through their semen for up to 7 weeks after recovery".

Symptoms may occur 2-21 days after exposure. The person becomes contagious once they start to show symptoms.

The Signs & Symptoms

  • vomiting 
  • sudden onset of fever
  • rash 
  • intense weakness
  • muscle pain 
  • headache 
  • sore throat 
  • difficulty breathing 
  • red eyes
  • hiccups
Some cases also experience:
  • internal and external bleeding 
  • impaired kidney and liver function
There is no cure or vaccine for Ebola virus. 

How To Protect Yourself 

  • Limit travel to high risk geographic locations (West Africa)
  • If someone you know shows signs and symptoms, encourage them to seek medical attention immediately. 
  • Practice clean habits such as washing hands, especially if exposed to bodily fluids and secretions. 
Do the best you can, be happy, and use good judgement. 

Happy healthy living! 



Here is a downloadable pdf with additional information from the World Health Organization.

References and Additional Resources

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Monday, August 4, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Celebrate It!

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

It's a celebration! I am talking about small victories! When you reach a milestone, a place marker in time, a small achievement or goal that you have set forth for yourself, you need to celebrate! You don't have to go super intense with your celebration, simply do something for yourself to honor your success.
Then immediately get back on the path to achieve more goals.

Life is about living, so while you are hard at work, don't forget to take time to appreciate your hard work and efforts. You deserve it! Now get back to work!! See you at the top of the success ladder!

Happy health living!



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Sunday, August 3, 2014

0 Sunday's Finest: Mr. & Mrs. NYC Fashion 8/3

Sundays are usually family days. It also the day of the week when we (my husband and I ) like to dress up and go out. This was the latest attire. 

Dress: H&M, Shoes: Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Bag: Kate Spade (which has easily become our son's pseudo supply bag) lol.

Happy healthy living! 



Monday, July 28, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Your Life Is So Much Better!

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

Have you ever had envy of someone else's life? That person just seems so perfectly happy and perhaps you wanted a small piece of that life? Well, guess what? Your life is so much better!! Things are not always what they appear. That life that may be depicted as "perfect" is far from it. There is no such thing as a perfect life.

You can have an ideal life; a life filled with passion and rewards. How do you get there? Do what you love, be around those you truly love, and live with integrity. It is fine to learn from those who are incredibly successful and awesome, but remember to create your own life. Don't spent time chasing someone else's life. Be you, be epic!

Your life is so much better!!! Celebrate your uniqueness!!

Happy healthy living!



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Monday, July 21, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Inspiration Boards

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

my inspiration board... 
Most of us have heard of vision boards. They are incredibly useful for mapping out our goals and aspirations, but what about inspiration boards? I had a day when I literally wanted to break down and cry because I felt as though all my efforts in pursuit of my dreams were useless. Yes, I had one of those day. We all do. Those are the days you just want to crawl back into back and sleep. In effort to overcome this temporary grief, I decided to make a board that reminds me of how awesome I am. This is a board filled with positive affirmations so when I look upon it, I can reflect on my skills, goals, and confidence. I know I have what it takes, we all have what it takes to make the dreams happen.

It is all about the passion. We must keep the passion burning. Sometimes we need reminders. This board easily does this. You can simply clip key words from your favorite magazines and paste it onto a board. Place it in a region where you can see it often (preferable near your workspace). Refer to it as much as you need. It is your friend.

Good luck and keep striving. Know that I believe in you.

Happy healthy living!



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

0 Love Your Life Event July 2014

Greetings Beautiful People! 

Last night, I attended an event called Love Your Life, hosted by Lynette Lewis, author of the book, Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos with special guest Loretta Bates, who is a world-re-knowned certified Zumba instructor. 
The event was hosted in a cozy chic loft space in midtown, Manhattan. There were refreshments and mouth savvy dishes. It was a very empowering event, filled with women committed to achieving their goals and aspirations. Loretta, shared her incredible journey to success and how her faith served as a key source of support. She is a mother of two and her body is amazing! Lynette is a warm and inviting spirit with a passion to help and motivate. 

I was super excited to attend because the creator of Made By Girl, Jen Ramos was going to be attending. Jen is an incredible inspiration. She is extremely talented and her work speaks for itself. I literally found out about the event on Jen's blog a few days before, and the common theme of clarity and focus throughout the evening resonated deeply with me especially since this week's Motivational Monday was about CLARITY!!! 

Jen & I! 

I met awesome people, made some cool connections, and I look forward to the next big event! 
Follow the facebook page to find out when the next event will be. Hopefully I shall see you there! 

Happy healthy living! 




0 Toxic Free Tuesday: Why UBER Is Good For Your Health

Greetings and Hello Beautiful People!

I wanted to talk about toxicity in the social/emotional form this week. Over the weekend I had the chance to try UBER the car service app, and it was an incredible life changing experience.
There are so many stressful situations living in New York City. UBER helps to eliminate a big one; getting to and from your destination with ease. We already know stress is a contributor to so many chronic diseases. It was cardless (already tied to your credit card), cashless, haggle-free, and very professional! We also had our bikes with us, so the option to choose a large SUV (for a higher price) worked very well. It was so fast! the GPS picked up our location and the vehicle arrived within 1 minute (it tells you how far away the vehicle is) I loved it! You also have the ability to see, review, and rate the driver (you rate after the experience).

It is definitely worth trying! Especially since the UBER taxi is comparable to the regular taxi rates.
Try it out! They also have UBER Family which offers car seats!!!!! How epic is that!

Happy healthy living!



Monday, July 14, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Clarity (How Specific Are You?)

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

You may know what you want but how specific are you? Clarity helps to avoid ending up at a destination not worth having.  When you know where you are going it makes it so much easier to get to it.
Accuracy and precision arise when you are clear with your intent.

Go after your dreams, but remember to be very specific as to all the details of your success.

Happy healthy living!


The best way to succeed is to have a specific Intent, a clear Vision, a plan of Action, and the ability to maintain Clarity. Those are the Four Pillars of Success. It never fails! 
 -Steve Maraboli

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

0 Toxic Free Tuesday: How Much Water Do YOU Need Daily?

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People!

Water is the essence of life. Without water there is no life. Our bodies are mostly comprised of water. It is important for hydration, energy, digestion, and overall wellness to consume adequate water.
It used to be that we had to consume 8 oz. of water a day. Now the best way to gauge how much you specifically need is based on your weight.
Take your weight and divide it in half. That number is the base amount that you should consume. Example: 150 lbs = 75 oz. (9.5 cups) of water.

If you are pregnant/ nursing, sick, in hot climate, and/or engage in physical activity you need to consume more water.

When you get thirsty, go for the water before you go for the sugary drinks!

Happy healthy living!



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Monday, July 7, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Pursuit of Success Burnout

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

You are working toward your achievements, you do what you need to do, and then you wait... and wait... and for some odd reason they seem to take forever to appear. Hey! It is coming! If you follow the basic formula of success, which are consistency, passion, purpose, and relentlessness, you will get it!

You've got this! So, instead of replaying the popular phrase, "are we there yet", in your head everyday take a few moments a day and do these things to help comfort you through your journey.

1. Remind yourself of the goal by feeling what you will feel when you finally arrive.

2. Chat it up with your team of supporters, a daily dose of cheerleader action works as a boost of

3. Know that you have a talent/gift/skill that is worth sharing, we need YOU to continue, because there is only one YOU!

Keep up the progress, stay on course!

Happy healthy living!



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Thursday, July 3, 2014

0 Organic Vegetarian Spelt Tortilla Pizza

So after experiencing a really awesome avocado and black bean pizza in Williamsburg Brooklyn last week, I decided I wanted to try something a little similar of my own. 

I made this tortilla pizza. It is vegetarian (I used organic cheese) you can always opt to use Daiya cheese, which is vegan. We use it sometimes. 
I used a spelt tortilla, which is great if you want consume a low gluten diet (not suitable for anyone with Celiac) 
The key to this successful dish is the sauce! The Annie's sweet and spicy bbq sauce made it incredible! 

I have a picture of the ingredients below. 
This dish was quick, easy, healthy, and affordable (for those on a budget). All the ingredients were from Whole Foods Market. 


Annie's Naturals Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce ( 1 tbsp for each tortilla) 
1 Carton of 365 organic black beans (cartons are better than cans because they do not have BPA) 
365 organic shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 diced beefsteak tomato
sliced onions 
1/2 avocado
1/2 cup of organic sweet corn
Rudi's organic spelt tortillas 
a dash of sea salt
a dash of oregano 
1 garlic clove diced (mixed into the beans) 

Cooking time: about 10 minutes or when desired crisp is achieved. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

0 Toxic Free Tuesday: What IS Toxic Free Tuesday Really About?!

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People!

I just wanted to sum up the basic concept behind Toxic Free Tuesdays.
It is just a place to get some cool health facts and information and have fun.
Your body is your temple, show it some love!

Happy healthy living!



Monday, June 30, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Do You Abuse Time?

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

TIME! When you lose it, it is gone FOREVER! All of us have days where we may be somewhat abusive to time. We don't maximize our time, thinking we have a lot more of it. Unfortunately, we do not have infinite time. Some are fortunate to get at least 100 years. However, 100 years in the comparison to the life of the earth is really short.

It really does not matter how long you live, it really matters how well you lived. This is why it is so crucial to make peace with time. Value the moments, the seconds, the hours, the days. Do not spend it wishing it to go by faster. Do not long for tomorrow to start "making progress" toward a better life.

START LIVING TODAY! Every day is a great chance to LIVE.

Watch the video here :-) 

Happy healthy living!



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Thursday, June 26, 2014

0 Humans of New York

Lucas and  I were featured on the popular blog Humans of New York, I, apparently am the only person on the face of the earth who had never heard of it. It was a cool feature because I had an opportunity to express the importance of early intervention in regards to development in small children and how it helped us so much. Hopefully it helps any parent out there going through what we went through.

 The Post

Read the full interview here



Tuesday, June 24, 2014

0 Toxic Free Tuesday: Give Your Body Some Turmeric Please!!

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People!

Turmeric is by far one of my favorite spices. It has been studied numerous times. It is has a history that dates back for thousands of years. Research has found turmeric to have healing properties and reduces chronic diseases, reduce inflammation, promotes digestion, high in antioxidants, and beautifies the body!!

This is definitely a household essential!!

Happy healthy living!




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Monday, June 23, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: You've Changed But Loved Ones Don't Get It

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

When the passion and the drive become a reality, it can a bit of a challenge when the people closes to you don't take your transformed perception seriously.
Steven Pressfield in his book, Do The Work says, "The problem with friends and family is that they know us as we are. They are invested in maintaining us as we are."
So, while we are pushing for change they want us to continue to be who they've always known us as.

It is important to keep pushing for a maintenance of self identity and passionate pursuit of our goals.
Your dreams, paired with dedicated relentless action will lead to a promising results. The key works were relentless action.  A dream backed with little to no action is like a luxury car with a bad engine; where are you going??

Keep pushing, stay committed, live your dreams.

Happy healthy living,



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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

0 Toxic Free Tuesday: Why Parents Should Not Give Kids Fluoride

Hello Beautiful People!

Did you know that fluoride has been researched extensively and has been tied to a variety of health issues? According to a research study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, excessive exposure to fluoride has been identified to have a negative impact on neurological development in children. It reduced IQ levels.

The other issues associated with excessive fluoride exposure include: thyroid disease, osteoporosis, reduced immune function, bone cancer, reproductive and neurological problems.

There is no need to give babies water with fluoride. It accumulates within their bodies and has the potential to cause adverse effects on their development.

Tooth decay can be prevented, the best way is to avoid sugary drinks such as sodas and drinks with excessive refined sugars.

Happy healthy living!




Monday, June 16, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Do You Play The Blame Game?

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

Do you find yourself blaming EVERYONE else for your life circumstances? Do you struggle because EVERYONE around you is the cause? You may have a little issue I like to call chronic victim syndrome.

Let's be honest, who is responsible for your life? YOU, are the one living in your body. YOU are the one who has to live with the consequences of YOUR actions. Your past does not determine your future. Your past is part of your story. It is up to YOU to shift the direction of your life. Take full responsibility. Know that circumstances do not determine anything, it is current action that will lead the way to your destination!

Take full responsibility, live life fully! Blame NO ONE!

Happy healthy living!



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

0 Toxic Free Tuesday: Healthy Hormone Levels (Men & Women)

Your hormones work to send chemical messages through out your body. Having healthy hormone levels is vital, particularly because your hormone levels contribute to the following:

  • Reproduction 
  • Mood levels 
  • Growth & development 
  • Metabolism 
  • Sexual function 
A small amount of change can have a tremendous impact on your entire body. Elevated hormone levels are linked to both prostate and breast cancers. 

According to a post by Dr. Amy Shah, the top 15 tips to improve and maintain healthy hormone levels include: 

1. Avoid "white" foods

2. Supplement with omega-3 fatty acids (chia and flax seeds, as well as walnuts and vegan algae oil) 

3. Avoid oils such as peanut, vegetable, soybean, canola, shortenings, and margarine (use olive & coconut oils instead) 

4. Reduce caffeine consumption

5. Increase consumption of avocados and coconut oil

6. Repair your lepin (get adequate sleep and avoid sugars) 

7. Consider a vitamin D supplement

8. Macro root consumption (in women -- linked with better fertility, reduced PMS symptoms, clarity of skin and in men -- increased sperm production, better libido, and improved sleep).    

9. More fiber (fiber binds to old estrogen; ideal for those who suffer from estrogen dominance) 

10. More phytonutrients (raw greens) 

11. More physical activity ( she recommends 8 sprint exercises a few times a week) 

12. Avoid the top chemical endocrine disruptors ( bisphenol-A, phthalates, parabens, and more

13. Lower stress 

14. Cut out synthetic hormones (i.e. birth control) 

15. Chasteberry consumption (reduces prolactin, too much prolactin can cause irregular menstrual cycles) 

Additional: reduce soy intake (soy is high in estrogen)

Happy healthy living! 




Monday, June 9, 2014

2 Bentonite Clay Hair Mask

I did a bentonite clay mask for my hair. I usually do it for my face. I wanted to try it on my hair because of all the wonderful things I read during my research about it. 
Bentonite clay naturally clarifies hair with product build up and detoxifies. 

Some people actually consume it orally as it is known to
 "-cleanse liver, colon, and skin, 
-balance bacteria in digestive tract
-strengthen immune system."

Some all recommend it for those experiencing massive hair loss, to detoxify pores...

I used 1/3 cup bentonite clay
3 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup of water

I left it in for about 15 minutes 


Happy healthy living!




1 Motivational Monday: Better Life Comes From Better Self

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

Some people believe that luck is the driving force for success. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There is so much that leads up to success and so much that leads up to failure. The results and the destination is based on how much or how little you did to achieve it.

Some people choose to let their future just "happen" while others decide to pave their future. The creator gave you gifts and talents to use. Don't just say, "well my life is already predestined, this is what it is." This is incorrect. So many greats have come from bad circumstances and life situations.

A better life comes from a better you!

Happy healthy living!



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Friday, June 6, 2014

0 The CDC's Top Powerhouse Fruit & Vegetable List

Hello Beautiful People! 

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) examined and studied a variety of fruits and vegetables and created a list of the top nutrient rich foods. 

Here are the top 5 that made the list: 

1. Watercress
2. Chinese cabbage 
4. Beet green
5. Spinach 

Here is the full list and nutritional content. 

These foods are associated with reducing chronic diseases, so be sure to load up on these foods!!

Happy healthy living!



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

0 How to Do a Facial Detox & The Bad Chemicals in Makeup

Here is the latest video! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 2, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Repairing Relationship With Self

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

We are so battered and bruised by our own self-judgment. We often overly criticize and scrutinize ourselves more than any other person. Why? Well, overtime we accumulate debt of pain and self doubt. We often take in the criticism offered by others to us and make our own. The only problem is, we make it worse. We dwell on it and even after we think it is long gone, those thoughts are secretly embedded in our subconscious mind and reveal themselves through unintentional self-sabotage.

Progress is often stifled by self-sabotage. We make excuses, we create unnecessary problems, and we find fault in everything that could possible ensure progress. It is time to repair the relationship we have with ourselves.

Take a look in the mirror, everyday this week and hopefully everyday after, and say..

"I have worth, I am beautiful and incredible human being. I have courage to tackle my fears, I am beyond the self-judgment. No more will I dwell on the pain. No more will I seek to hurt myself with unnecessary issues, stress, and, drama. I have worth. I see my worth. I will put my worth in action. Everyday I am changing the world with my presence. All small good deeds have great impact. Today I live." 

Remember, you have tremendous power. If you can think it, you can achieve it. It sounds cliche but it is the truth. Be and live the dream. Love yourself. Repair the damage now.

Happy healthy living!



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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

0 Toxic Free Tuesday: Top Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People!

High cholesterol is a potential precursor for heart disease. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), heart disease is the number killer in the United States.

By making modifications to your diet and daily habits, you can greatly help your heart!

Here are some top cholesterol lowering foods:

  • Avocados, an incredible source of monounsaturated fats (the good healthy fats) 
  • Spinach (the highest source of lutein) 
  • Fruits high in pectin  apples, cranberries, peaches, (especially citrus fruits i.e. oranges, lemons, grapefruits)
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Oats (oat bran, oatmeal) 
  • Canola oil 
  • Pure chocolate (not the processed kind!) 
  • Garlic

Consuming foods high in soluble fiber are key! Here is a handy list from the Havard Health newsletter.

Remember to always consult with your physician if you have any pre-existing conditions!!

Happy healthy living!




11 Foods that Lower Cholesterol - Harvard Health Publications. (n.d.). Retrieved May 2014, from

11 Foods that Lower Cholesterol - Harvard Health Publications. (n.d.). Retrieved May 2014, from

50 Fiber-Rich Foods | The Dr. Oz Show. (n.d.). Retrieved May 2014, from

10 Best Cholesterol-Lowering Foods - (n.d.). Retrieved May 2014, from

Photo Credit 

Monday, May 26, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: What Happens When Life Happens?

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

I had a wonderful post for today but because I had a small mishap earlier when our son embedded my camera chip into my laptop CD-ROM drive after I got up from the table for literally 2 seconds, I had to regroup and make some changes.

Circumstances will happen. What will you do? How do you respond? The response is everything.
Though I was disappointed, I had to take a moment and process the fact that it was an accident and it was not the end of all things. let him know  Move on and take control of the situation. Do not let the situation control you.

Are you resilient? Let's take a pledge to commit to push through the "circumstances". Here is a helpful mantra I created to help navigate through the uneventful situations.

I am life, I am energy, I am courage, I am fearless. 
Though events may occur that I did not expect, 
I am still able to push through and get closer to my dreams. 
I am not broken and will never be. 
I am sole creator of my destiny. The Universe has given to me all 
I need to achieve the dream. I will keep moving and will attain IT. 

Happy healthy living!



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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

0 Toxic Free Tuesday: Weight Loss Basics

Watch my latest video for very basic weight loss tips :-)

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Monday, May 19, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: What Competition?

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

Competition is good, just as long as it is healthy and does not compromise our integrity and individuality. The true competition lies within ourselves. The idea is not to duplicate what other people do, but to learn and understand the industry that we wish to grow within. Learn key points and be the best that YOU can be.

Use competition to learn, but be yourself. Be true to who you are. Compete with yourself. Be better than you were yesterday. Remember, there is more than enough to go around! You don't have to be angry at others for doing what you do, just focus on how awesome you are and remember that you are you unique. Everyone has something unique to offer. Let your light shine!

Give your best, and be happy for competition!

Happy healthy living!


~ Mary

Monday, May 12, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Are You a Part-Time Dreamer?

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

Do you find yourself focusing on your dreams part-time? Do you only give a small amount of attention to them??? Well, most of us go through this, but the plan should be to transition the part-time dream to a full-time reality. Fear prohibits growth. Let go of the fear of the unknown and just live the dream. A life filled with what ifs is a life that has not fully lived.

Be the dream, live the dream, make it happen!

Happy healthy living,



Here's the video:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

0 Toxic Free Tuesday: Getting Raw!

Monday, May 5, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Giving Self Love

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

Self love & personal confidence; the critical components for survival and success! Why? Well, when we have an abundance of confidence and self-love we are less likely to be distracted by our "flaws" or "imperfections". Those distractions slow us down and take our sites away from our true goals at hand.

We all deserve happiness. We all deserve to give ourselves credit for the accomplishments we have achieved. We have worth and we have value. Everyday, wake up and remind yourself of your achievements and how far you have come.

Happy healthy living,



Sunday, May 4, 2014

0 Its a Full Body Cleanse + Raw Diet

I am so eager to do my cleanse! The school semester is almost over, and I feel as though I have been eating on auto-pilot. Though I am vegetarian, I find myself eating a lot of pita and other starches because it is easy. I am always on the go. It is time to re-adjust my body's eating patterns and habits. 

I look forward to eating more raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. When you heat food, the heat destroys nutrients and natural enzymes. The enzymes from fruits and vegetables are critical for optimal digestion and prevention of chronic disease.  In summary: "When you cook it, you kill it." 
Eating foods that are high in alkalinity help to readjust the body's pH levels, especially if you consume a a predominantly acidic diet. Remember, "cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment." 
Eating well can promote better mood,  provide boosts of energy, and promotes clear healthier skin. 

Also, since this is a full body cleanse, I limit the amount of exposure to chemicals that could act as bioaccumulatives (chemicals that build up within the body). Exposure could be through deodorants, skin and hair care products, cosmetics, perfumes (spray on clothing not on skin), scented candles, air fresheners, cleaning products, nail polish, and more. 

My intentions are to clean and empty out my body and pores as much as possible. Our skin has more exposure to toxins than our stomachs, as it is our largest organ. Exercise helps to rid impurities from pores. Steaming skin, holistic body scrubs, Ayurvedic oil cleansing, and natural mud masks can also assist with skin detoxification. 

Keep following along! 5 days of bliss :-) 

Happy healthy living! 



Friday, May 2, 2014

0 It's Coming....

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

0 Toxic Free Tuesday: CDC on Autism Prevention

In honor of  Autism Awareness Month, I felt compelled to mention that The Center for Disease Control (CDC) created this incredibly brilliant and resourceful campaign called Learn the Signs Act Early. It is intended to provide parents, educators, and health care professionals with a plethora of information and resources to help identify normally developmental milestones and to understand  the signs of possible delays. They have charts for each age, interactive games, and more.


If you have a small child it is crucial to track their development and making sure that they hit specific milestone markers. If your child does show any signs of delay you could get them evaluated and if you qualify for services there are programs such as Early Intervention for ages 0-3 years old, its is completely confidential, It is FREE through the state, it does not matter how much money you make (your socioeconomic level is irrelevant) and you get access to a world of resources and therapies.
There have been many extensive studies that indicate intervention is the MOST effective when started at the youngest possible age. The researchers found that it raised the IQ of the small children by 20 points. Some of the children stopped showing traits of autism completely.

So, the key is early detection. The earlier the better. Parents, it is better to say my child has an issue, confront it early, do the therapies, rather than wait when they are much older and they struggle in school, in social skills.. they suffer more when you wait.
Don't be afraid of a diagnosis, it can be a blessing in disguise.

Happy healthy living!



P.S. here the video for today!

additional resource:
Daniel, K. L., Prue, C., Taylor, M. K., Thomas, J., & Scales, M. (2009). 'Learn the signs. Act early': A campaign to help every child reach his or her full potential. Public Health, 123, e11-e16.

Monday, April 28, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Space Clearing & Vision Board Updating

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

It's Spring time! It is time to make sure we declutter our personal spaces. There are brief studies that indicate elevated stress levels due to over cluttered living space. Now is the best time to rid our lives of wanted objects. It is also the best time update our goals as well. It is time to make revisions and updates to your vision board.

Perhaps, your short term and long term goals require some touch ups, make those touch ups today!

Visual charts and boards serve as great tools for goal setting and achievement. Like that old saying says, "if you see it, you can achieve it".

Keep striving for success!

Happy healthy living!



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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

0 Top Foods That Detoxify Your Body!

Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and your colon is screaming for a cleanse!

There are many different ways to do a cleanse, they can last 48 hrs, 3 days, 7 days or even longer! 

Eating raw fruits and vegetables is the best old fashion way to yield great results during a cleanse. Let's go back to the basics. Eat clean pure foods that rid the body of accumulated toxins. 

Here are the top detoxifying foods: 

Liver, Kidney, and Colon Health/ Detoxification  

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: 
Rich in enzymes, minerals, and healthy bacteria, it is often used to fight candida and fungus. Apple cider vinegar is used in detoxifying the lymphatic system which can aid the elimination of toxins and increase immunity function. There have been studies identifying a potential ability to regulate blood sugar levels and diabetes with apple cider vinegar consumption. 

High in fiber, potassium, folic acid, and healthy fats. Recent research have found avocados to have the potential to reduce inflammation, which is key in the prevention of chronic illnesses such as cancers, heart disease and more. Avocados contains glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent cellular damage and assists the liver in removing toxins. 

Has inflammatory properties, has been used widely in Chinese and Ayurvedic traditional medicine. There are studies that have found turmeric to actually inhibit the growth of tumors.  

Excellent kidney diuretic & alkalizing agent, neutralizes blood acidosis.

The fiber in beets helps increase the production of antioxidant enzymes in the liver, which help the liver and the gallbladder eliminate bile and other toxic substances from the body.

Promotes healthy liver & gallbladder function. It has a significant amount of cynarin, which helps increase bile production, prevents indigestion, and stimulates healthy digestion.

Natural detoxification of liver.

Rich in quercitin, a flavonoid known for reducing cholesterol levels, prevention of chronic diseases, and contains antiviral and antibacterial properties. 

Brussels Sprouts: 
The sulforaphane found in Brussels spouts inhibit the growth of helicobacter pylori, a bacteria linked to cancer, within the stomach lining. 

Kale & Leafy Greens: 
Boosts Chlorophyll levels in digestive tract, helps to rid body of environmental toxins like smog and herbicides.

Rids the liver of toxins.

Contains tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. Kills harmful bacteria that may grow within digestive system. High in chlorophyll, nutrient and vitamin rich.  

Incredible source of phytonutrients, has the ability to boost liver detox enzymes. 

Energizes cleansing enzymes in liver & is a diuretic, elevates the rate of urination.

Helps to alkaline body & helps with digestion.

Used to maintain healthy glucose levels, prevent and treat chronic illnesses. 

Parsley (often used to fight liver disorders)

Additional Resources: 

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photo credit: Will Merydith via photopin cc

Monday, April 21, 2014

0 Motivational Monday: Start Everything With Love

Happy Monday Beautiful People!


How you start your day, your week, your month, a project, a commitment or whatever else, can have a massive impact on its continuation. Start whatever you do with love. Give it your all. Be in the moment. You will have a great impact on all those around you.

Give positive energy to all you commit yourself to. Negativity is contagious and so is positivity. Let's spread positivity. Spread the love. Start everyday with a smile and you can even start with a gratitude prayer. Be grateful for any small blessing in your life. Be grateful for all the little hidden joys in your life.

"When you magnify the small joys of your life, negativity is powerless!"
~Cultureshocking Truth

Happy Healthy Living!



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